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To date there are over 1,000 shares sold worldwide, helping to help your community live the life they want.

What are shares?

A share is a unit of ownership interest in a company. Share ownership, are financial assets in which the shareholder can reap benefits from, such as dividends. 

What happens when I buy a share?

When you buy a share in our company you are making a financial investment. That investment goes towards the operation of our business, helping the people in your community live the life they want. You will then get that money back that you invested, as well as making a tidy profit.

Once payment is confirmed you will receive a Shareholder's Agreement and a Shares Certificate. 

What is a Shares Certificate?

A Shares Certificate is a written document, confirming your legal proof of share ownership. 

What is a Shareholder's Agreement?

A shareholder's agreement is a contract between the company and the shareholder. Our shareholder's agreement is in compliance with the Companies Act 2006.

Why buy shares now?

Buying shares now means that you will be able to subscribe early and reap the benefits in the future as shares will not be issued out again, as this will remain as a Private Limited Company. 

The other reason why you should buy shares into V1 Coaching Ltd, is because we are a holistic life coaching organization, helping people live the life they want, by working with them to achieve their goals & dreams.

How do I buy my share?

Now that you have found out about shares. It is time to invest in your future as well as your community. The aim is to make buying shares as easy and quick as possible. 

Just click on the Paypal Buy Now button and you can purchases as many shares as you want. Please ensure that you fill out your full legal name, address, your email address and your contact number.