Privacy Policy

V1 Coaching Ltd, takes your privacy very serious. This Privacy Policy describes how V1 Coaching Ltd, uses identifiable information regarding yourself. These include email address, name, and may include address, credit & debit card details. First and foremost we collect such information for the purpose of providing you a quality standard service. V1 Coaching Ltd, does not sell, rent or share your information with third parties. Nor do we buy from third parties who sell customer/client's details. 

Although we are an organization that is ran by Common Law, under the Magna Carta 1215, our Privacy Policy is also within the UK's 1998, Data Protection Act. For more details please click here for more details.

By using our services, you are agreeing to the collection and use of information in the manner described below. Please do visit our website from time to time to find if there is any changes to our privacy policy. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals. However you must be over 16 and may need a confirmation letter from a legal guardian in order to fall in line with the Data Protection ACT. 

What Client Information does V1 Coaching collect?

The type of Client Information that we collect is based on the service/sessions that you purchase.  For example if you book a session where you want to achieve financial success. Through the services of Paypal we will ask for your billing information. Once the payment is confirmed as successful you will be directed to a page where you will have to fill out relevant details in order to properly book your session. This includes your first name, last name, goal you want to achieve, contact details...etc.

We also take information during your sessions and follow ups. This ensure that your goal is being reached and you are getting what you paid for, which is a high quality service. 

We collect names and email address for the sole purpose of updating information, discounted services and to win prizes. By signing up you have given us the permission to contact you in this method.

How does V1 Coaching use Client Information?

We use Client Information for communication purposes. This includes when you book a session. We will use the preferred method of contact in order to carry out your sessions and follow ups. We may use your email address to inform you of any updates and promotions in a form of a newsletter but only if you consent to. 

With whom does V1 Coaching share Client Information with?

Client Information will only be shared internally. This means is it will only be shared with our Administrators, and Life/Business Coaches. The information that is shared is the general information that you filled out after you have made a payment.  Which is the goal you want to achieve, your contact details, the date and time you booked...etc. None of your billing information would be shared. All billing information is done via Paypal, for details on their Privacy Policy please visit their website or contact them.

Last updated: 10th February 2017