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Your payment has been successful and you will be receiving your ID number in your e-mail inbox within the next 24 hours. Please make sure you make a note of your ID number, has this is the passport to your future with us. 

What do I do now?

There are several things you can do before you get your ID number. We suggest that you begin your Life Coach training. Please click here to begin. 

Step 2:- Purchase to Advanced Coaching Course so you are more advanced. The other alternative is you can write down a list of names and numbers for who would be interested in this wonderful opportunity as well as who would be interested in the products and services we offer.

Step 3:- Make those phone calls and use the Welcome To V1 Family Group E-book as your guidance to your success.

Step 4:- Use the G.R.O.W. Coaching Technique. With each of them remember to use the 5 w's and 1 h. In this order:

1. Who?

2. What?

3. Where?

4. When?

5. Why?

6. How?

Use these as your benchmark. To retrieve an insight of your client and their goal.

Establish what the GOAL is. Always start of with one goal. If they have quite a few goals and are unsure. Ask "What do they feel will be the easiest and preferred?"

Ask them on a scale of 1-10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest how do you feel?

Examine the current REALITY. What is your current circumstance? What have you done to achieve this goal? What was the result of your actions if you have? Who has tried to help you in the past, and what was the result of their actions?

Explore the OPTIONS/OBSTACLE. Find out what obstacles or challenges they have or will face. Then you can establish with the client the options they can do to face these obstacles.

Establish WAY/WILL. Find out what is the easiest and preferred option from what they already listed. More importantly find out what action they can do now.

To see their progress suggest a Follow-up Session. The key thing to remember is this type of session is only 30 minutes maximum. Your job is to find out if they have taken the actions/steps they said they would take. Remind them how they would feel once they have achieved their goal. 

If they agree to a Follow-up Session, make a note of their preferred time and day and then send them link to subscribe. Once the first payment is made then add to your Google Calendar.

Remember your goal is to become a Manager, which you reap so many benefits from this position. 

*Disclaimer: It is illegal for you to bribe someone to join or buy from you. How you sell is your choice and we have no association with any outside practice. It is your choice to use the training methods we provide. 


How do I recruit people to my team?

It is easy as 1,2,3. Follow these steps:

Step 1:- Make contact with your prospect, then if they are interested send them this link http://www.v1coaching.org/Team-Member-Form with your ID number, Full Name, e-mail and phone number. (You can fill this out for them at their request).

Step 2:- Once we have received the form, we will send them part 2 of their application. 

Step 3:- You will get a confirmation e-mail, that they have now joined your team once payment has been received on our end.

How do you sell products and services?

Rule number one remember it is illegal to bribe someone money to buy from you. 

There is no right or wrong way of selling. Other than just be yourself, use the products and services yourself and you will find the passion and you will recommend naturally.

You can sell to the same list you created.

How to book a Coaching session?

First things first you will need a Gmail account.

Step 1:- If you have not already create a Gmail account.

Step 2:- Go to Google Calendar and click on the small arrow next to "Other calendars" then click on "Add a friend's calendar" in the pop box you will add our Gmail: v1coachingltd@gmail.com Then press add.

Now that is out of the way follow these next steps to book clients.

Step 1:- Once you made initial contact with your potential client. There are two things that you can do. One of them you can have open your Google Calendar whilst on the phone to them. 

Step 2:- Tell them it is best to book two weeks in advance minimum. Depending whether your are already booked up or busy. 

Step 3:- Make a note in your Google Calendar. Before you do this, ensure that your calendar is a monthly view, which you can change underneath the search bar on the right. Just click on "Month" and the layout view will change. 

Step 4:- Click on "Create" button. Which is on the left, underneath where it says Google. 

Step 5:- Where the text says "Untitled event" type Coaching Session with <insert name of client>

Step 6:- Underneath the text you wrote, there you will see the date e.g 27/08/2015. Click on the date and a small calendar would appear. Use the arrows to select the next month if required. Select a date which is convenient for you both by clicking on the day.

Step 7:- Next to the date is the time, again click on the time and you are given two options. You can either type in the start time or scroll up or down to find the preferred time. Once you are happy move onto Step 8.

Step 8:- Right next to the start time is the end the time. Apply the same method has step 7. One Coaching Session is an hour. Follow up sessions are half an hour maximum. 

Step 9:- On the right there is a box where you can add guest. In this box type in the client's email and then press add, and repeat the process to add our e-mails admin@v1coaching.org and then add v1coachingltd@gmail.com.

Step 10:- In the box next to were it says "Where" you can put the location. Now this optional, but if you are meeting the client at an address, then we suggest that you put the address in that box. If the Coaching Session is going to be by phone, Skype...etc. Then skip to Step 11.

Step 11:- In the box below where it says "Description" this is where you can write the details of the Coaching Session. This includes their contact number, their goal, their Skype or Google hangout details. 

Step 12:- You can change the e-mail and pop-up notification to either minutes, hours, days and weeks. We recommend 11 days before the Coaching Session. Remind them this Coaching Session will only be confirmed once payment is confirmed within the next 72 hours. If no payment is made the Session will be canceled. 

Step 13:- At the top click save and the Coaching Session has now been half-booked. The admin will then send your client an invoice. If no payment has been made within 24 hours they will give them a call.

Step 14:- Wait for the admin send you an email confirming that your client has paid. Then go back into Google Calendar and change the notification to 48 hours before the Coaching Session so you can also prepare and remind them.

How to cancel a session?

Step 1:- Click on the "event/Coaching Session". A box will appear.

Step 2:- On the bottom left corner, you will the delete link. Click on the link and the event/Coaching Session will be deleted. 

*Only cancel a session if the client has failed to make a payment within 72 hours. If you can no longer do the session due to a bereavement or serious illness. Please inform us or you can simply ask another Coach to take-over.