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About Us 

V1 Coaching Ltd, is a Holistic Life Coaching organization. Founded by Raphael Onochie, July 2014. V1 Coaching Ltd, was then relaunched in December 2016. 

This organization is passionate about helping you achieve your true heart desires. 

Clients like yourself, from all over the world, are attracted to us because of the value this company offers for time and money, and because of this we get bookings nearly every single day of the week. 

The main focus is on doing the right thing for you, our employees and our partners. 

You are the heart of our business. 

Your interaction with your Life Coach will help you stay motivated to work and achieve your goals. For example our Coaches can help you with many goals, like creating more money, making more sales, relationships...etc. Coaches can help you with any goals you have. Our unique selling point is we are dedicated to helping those who are on low income. 

Our Coaches are professional in their approach. They help you discover a variety of strategies that suit your circumstance. Our Coaches are professionally trained. Therefore they are very good listeners and will do what it takes to help you develop and reach your goals in a positive and professional way.

Community Responsibility.

We are an organization that genuinely loves helping others. We give our willing to donate up to 33% of our annual profits to Non-Profit Organizations and Charities. See the list below who we donate to.

  • The Alkebulan Trust: They are rebuilding the education and healthcare system within the African and Caribbean diaspora.

Core Purpose and Values

Our Core Purpose is said in this very clear statement.

"We help you, live the life you want and deserve."

The statement above says it all. But that is not all, we believe in. We also believe in helping the communities world-wide. We believe in the Ancient African proverb: 'It takes a village to raise a child'. Meaning we take responsibility in our employees and partners to deliver the right information to you, and your Life Coaches in return will deliver the right tailor-made strategies, which will help you reach your goals.

We do not discriminate, we believe in equality. You can see first hand how we put this into practice. By booking a session.

Our Values help us put our Core Purpose into practice.

No one tries harder for you than us to:

  • To understand you.
  • Be the first to meet your needs and exceed your expectations
As we are a Holistic Life Coaching organization, we specialize and pride ourselves in listening and understanding you, our employees and our partners.

We also treat people how we like to be treated: 
  • We listen with intent, responding accordingly taking the right professional approach.
  • Trust and respect you and our employees, and partners.
  • Work as a team to help you achieve your dreams.
The other unique aspect of V1 Coaching Ltd, is we are a family. We encourage and support everyone continue to grow and develop.

Let us help you live the life you want...