What our clients say:

At V1 Coaching Ltd we pride ourselves on the exceptional service we provide for you, always going the extra mile to make sure that you reach your goals. But do not take our word for it hear what our previousclients have to say about us.


"The Life Coach I had really helped me achieve my goal of getting a job. I was out of work for quite some-time and they kept me motivated until I got one, I recommend that you a book a session with them."

- Esther (Jos, United Kingdom)

"They really helped me with my career. I have nothing but positive things to say. I am forever humbled and grateful for their help. Whether your an actress like me getting help when needed, is the right thing to do. I would always refer V1 Coaching Ltd if you need help at any point of your career."

- Oyinka Yusuff (London, United Kingdom)


"I was struggling with my weight. I tried every diet I could think of. I read articles, watched videos. You name it, I tried it. But it was not enough for me to maintain. V1 Coaching Ltd, are a God send. I have lost weight and best of all they have given me a strategy that suits my busy lifestyle."

- Louise (London, United Kingdom)

"This was my first time booking a Life Coach. I have had several Fitness Coaches in the past. But they was not good enough. At one point I felt very uncomfortable with their lack of professionalism. I now feel more motivated than ever to become a bodybuilder. Their service was professional, even though I have never heard of them. I looked forward to my follow up session.

- Ade (Jalingo, Nigeria)

I have given up on the NHS, time and time again they tell me to prescribe to some over the till drugs. I have had enough, I used to feel so drowsy after taking them. I just knew there had to be an alternative. I also recommended my friend from bingo and she is happy just like me how much value for money we get from the Coaching session and the follow up sessions. It is nice to know people actually still care.

-Sharron  (Watford,United Kingdom)

Business (1-50 staff)

"Raphael exceeded my expectations. He is different from a Consultant. It is very hard to describe the experience. However, one is pleased with the outcome. My staff are happy and are en route to achieving the yearly quota. I am astonished, it makes me wonder how much money I could have saved. Definitely your value for money." 

-Ruth "Sales Manager" (London, United Kingdom)


"It feels so great to finally find a way in clearing my debts. Not knowing what to do or where to really seek help before I came across V1 Coaching Ltd, had me feeling stressed, and depressed. I owe their services a lot. I am now on a clear path thanks to them in clearing my debts. If you are in debt honestly speak to them, they are very friendly and very helpful."

-William (London United Kingdom)

MLM/Network Marketing 

"V1 Coaching Ltd, helped me achieve my sales goals, the Business Coach kept in touch to see my progress. If you are in a Network Marketing business like Forever Living and your struggling and your up-line is not giving you the real push and guidance needed book a session with V1 Coaching Ltd as soon as possible."

- Laura (Manchester, United Kingdom) 


"Thanks to V1 Coaching, I am now on a clear path to achieving my goals. I say book a session even if you are uncertain. They do help, and they do care."

- Naomi (Croydon, United Kingdom) 

In America we are inundated with a lot of Coaches. I have tried up to 4 different Coaches. Yet none of them could really keep me motivated. My circumstances kept changing, but they did not seem as if they cared. Raphael cares. The weekly follow up sessions help. I feel more motivated. I knew it was worth trying one more Life Coach. I actually see myself making progress unlike before. 

- Melissa (New York, USA)

Business Start-Up

"I found working with my Life Coach, Natasha to be extremely professional, and easy to get a long with. I usually do not get on with other women. But we struck accord with each other. It was as if we knew each other and she knew how to get the hidden answers within me. I most definitely will be booking another session with her soon."

-Marie (United Kingdom)

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